I’m sure of at least one of the following things – you don’t have a website right now and are looking for reasons to justify getting one, or you do have a website and are wondering whether it’s actually worthwhile having it. Well, either way, I can tell you it definitely IS worth it and I have at least 5 reasons why you absolutely must have a website for your business.

1. Your 24 / 7 sales person or shop window

The first and one of the more important reasons to think about is that your website is basically your online sales person – if you provide a service – or your shop window – if you sell products (online or not). Because your site is live 24/7, it is ready to respond to whoever happens to land on it, no matter the time of day or day of the week. That means that you don’t need someone manning the phones all the time because the website has you covered.


2. Extend your business’ geographical reach

They don’t call it the “WorldWide Web” for no reason. Anyone literally anywhere in the world can look at your site and browse your products and/or services. Now obviously you might not need to reach everyone in the world for your business to succeed but that customer 2 hours drive away can now explore your services from exactly where they are sitting. They could then decide to contact you without you even needing a branch in that area. In fact, you might get so many inquiries from that particular area that you might even consider opening an office there.


3. Extend your customer base to online shoppers

Beyond just geographic reach with a website, you may have been missing an entire channel of sales for your business. There are many people who choose to shop online over visiting businesses in person. Have you been missing out on those customers by not having a website? Even a basic web presence can mean more inquiries, bookings or sales just because the online shoppers have found you.


4. Show off your professionalism

There is no denying that a good looking website is like a good looking office or shop – it shows your customers that you care about your appearance to them and highlights your level of professionalism. Not having a website at all these days can make customers question whether you even exist as a business let alone whether or not you are professional.


5. Build your credibility

Credibility goes hand in hand with professionalism. Where professionalism is more on your appearance of doing business, credibility is more along the lines of how you conduct business and how much you know about your business. A website gives you the opportunity to show off your previous work and to write content related to your field. This shows potential customers that you have expertise in the field and that you aren’t just a fly-by-night company.


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