What tools are available to help me?

We have looked at a number of Gamification tools and many of them require a full demo before you can find out the costs or implementation of the system. We have summarized the main points of each tool to help you decide which you would want to take for a spin.


Zozolo offers a number of different services related to Gamification. They split them into Social Commerce, Social Loyalty and Social Analytics. The first of the three is essentially turning shopping into a social event with features such as social offers (incentives to refer), a Facebook shop, daily deals etc. Social Loyalty features rewarding customers who like your products / services, rewarding top influencers, first visitors and more. Finally Social Analytics helps to track visitors and know where they came from and where they go from your site.


ViralNinjas focuses solely on “viral acquisition”. They will build a custom application based on your site to get your customers to refer their friends to make purchases. They use incentives such as discounts to ensure that the referrals continue to propagate to more and more new customers which can seriously help any eCommerce store looking to increase their sales!


ViralMint is a specialist in eCommerce Gamification. They have services that get your customers to your site (Offer Mint), refer additional customers (Referal Mint) and turn abandoned carts into leads (Kart Mint). The products that ViralMint has created work on popular platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

For more information on ViralMint please see this page: http://restlessweb.co.za/small-business-tools/gamification/viralmint/


Punchtab is an example of the development of Gamification from a simple loyalty card that gets stamped with every purchase into a full blown social media referral and incentive program. Their program starts with a free model that lets you try out offering discounts for likes or tweets up to fully custom actions and other social media platforms on their higher level plans. Great for a first timer to Gamification!


Gigya is one of the more established Gamification tools with advanced features such as specialized game mechanics and analytics to track the success of your campaigns. If you are looking for a tool that is very advanced and will make an extremely engaging experience for your customers then this is it. If you’ve ever used Nike+ and their online system with rewards, records and badges, then that is what you would be able to create with Gigya. Very cool!


Badgeville is on par with Gigya in that it offers fully customized game mechanics and can offer very high engagement for your customers. A case study on Marketo showed a 51% increase in active members and over 120% rise in voting on their site. This makes Badgeville definitely worth checking out!


Freshdesk is a tool that I wasn’t expecting to find under Gamification but I thought I would include it here. This is an excellent example of how a company has incorporated Gamification into their service to be used internally. Essentially they have created a game system that rewards customer service representatives for good, timely service. Reps earn badges and compete on a leaderboard to be the best agent in the business. Managers can also create special “quests” during high volume times or when major projects need to be completed internally – perhaps updating the knowledge base etc. Definitely worth checking out if you need to motivate your staff!

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