Having a special Landing Page for your advertising campaign is extremely important. This page contains messaging that gives your lead the exact information they need after clicking on your advertisement. It also includes specific instructions on where to go next – also known as a Call-to-Action. The Call-to-Action is usually a contact form or a subscription form and is essentially the entire goal of your Landing Page – to generate leads or subscribers.

Web Vivace can help. We will build you a landing page that integrates right into your existing website. The page will include the following key elements of a landing page:

  • Call to Action form
  • Graphics insertion:
    • Company Logo
    • Background Image
    • Service / Product image(s) if relevant
  • Conversion optimized copy

Bonus! To complete the tracking of your landing page, we will also include a free “Thank You” page which is the page your lead lands on after submitting the form. This is essential to tracking the conversions of your page.