As an entrepreneur myself I wanted to create a section of Web Vivace dedicated just to sharing knowledge with budding entrepreneurs and small businesses. With all the duties of running a new company there are so many tools and apps on offer to help you that it can get quite overwhelming just sifting through all of them!

I like to do extensive research before I commit to a tool so this section can be a reference for your own research if you are just getting started. I will try to answer the most pressing questions for each topic right off the bat so you don’t have to spend too much time on it. This way you can get back to what you love doing!

Feel free to contact us if you have found any small business tools that have worked really well for you and that would be worth sharing. Also feel free to reach out if there is anything you are struggling to research or decide on and we would love to help!


Online Marketing Tools

Social Media Tools

Keeping track of all the social media networks and your business’ presence on them can easily be a full time job itself. But again, if you are essentially your own marketing department then you will need social media tools to help you keep track of everything. These tools help you interact and maintain profiles all from a central dashboard.

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Website Templates

Are you fairly tech savvy and you already know your way around WordPress or any other CMS? Then perhaps you’d like to start here in your search for the perfect theme for your site. We love to browse themes and will be putting together lists of high quality themes for you here.

Read more about Website Templates here.


Do you run an online business or eCommerce store? Gamification is an awesome way to keep your customers returning time after time to make additional purchases on your site. Gamification is essentially turning interactions with your business into rewards whether they are purchases or not. These rewards can be accumulated to be redeemed for discounts or freebies on a next purchase.

Read more about Gamification here.

Day-to-day Operations Tools

CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management)

Managing your relationships with your customers is probably one of the most important aspects of your business. Without sales you aren’t in business, simple as that. A CRM system helps you to keep track of your leads and what point they are on your sales cycle. There are many options out there for you so it can be hard to decide.

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Accounting Software

As an entrepreneur you are often handling a lot of business functions yourself beyond just providing your service or manufacturing and/or selling your products. As a young business this can often include accounting. Having a great accounting tool can be the difference between headaches and a financial breeze.

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Project Management Software

Whether you provide a service based on projects or you manufacture products, project management software will help you keep track of all the projects you are running in your company. These might be external projects that are client facing (a web designer’s client projects) or internal projects such as product improvements (a bicycle manufacturer doing a frame re-design project)

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Do you have any tools that you couldn’t possibly work without? We would love to hear about them! Please feel free to contribute in the comments!